‘IPIX’ is the world’s leading format for full 360° virtual tours (aka ‘immersive imaging’).  It delivers high quality images that auto-rotate to display a complete panorama and offers a ‘zoom’ capability for a closer view.

A remarkable feature of IPIX images is their ability to view the ceiling and the floor – a full 180°… and everything in between.  Just drag the image around with your mouse.

IPIX images provide the nearest experience to actually standing in the view.

IPIX images are superb for creating expectations. 

From conveying the ambience and features of fine hotels, clubs, restaurants, display homes to the scale of traditional and new economy businesses.  IPIX images help shift online curiosity to a real-time presence.  

IPIX’s JAVA viewer can be extensively customised in its movement and appearance.  

Internet Pictures has unmatched local experience with IPIX photography and post-production development.  Speak to us about your IPIXing requirments.

Experience the IPIX full-height difference

Click & drag the image up, down & around.

Zoom in & out.

Right-click to restart the spin.

You can't get better!

Can't see the IPIX?
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